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1401 Belknap Street, Superior, WI  54880    
Ph: (715) 395-ARTS (2787) or (218) 393-0245 cell

  Admission is charged to the accordion museum.  

  If traveling from a distance, calling in advance is recommended ! 

 ( 715-395-2787 [ARTS] )  

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Accordion sales !   
To view just some of the variety of accordions for sale simply click here on this line ! 

Views of our Inventory Room...

Piano Accordions, Button Diatonics ( button boxes ;-), Concertinas, Button Chromatics, and more !!

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Gift Shop !

Stop by during our "open" hours (at top of page) or inquire by phone or email (above)...

Views of our Gift Shop !

Tapes, CDs, Records, Figurines, T-Shirts, Sheet Music, and much more ! ! !

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